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please read first in order to initiate a payment or transaction in payment flydigitel.com

this time we only accept provisional payment by bank transfer or wire transfer if you transact with us.

and hope in the record, if you've paid to us. please contact our staff team on weekdays from Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 21:00 and with the exception of holidays and vacation days.

please contact our staff team via telephone in our yard. or also via e-mail our staff team in staff@flydigitel.com or support@flydigitel.com and billing@flydigitel.com

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2. get green link
3. advertising cooperation
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and others.

http://flydigitel.com/wiretransfer.png   wire transfers are available, ask in advance if you want to start a payment to us,

because our bank account sytem of confidential and sensitive,

please contact us on the number 6289695901980 or via e-mail: staff@flydigitel.com and we will immediately give your bank account number us as soon as possible.

http://flydigitel.com/creditcard.jpg  Payment by credit card is not available temporarily and will soon follow.

http://flydigitel.com/creditcard.jpg  payment through paypal is not available temporarily and will soon follow.